How You Can Buy Multiple Homes or Investment Properties Without The Bank.
...and why it’s easier than you think!
Have you always wanted to buy a home or invest in real estate but don’t have the necessary capital to fund your investments?

Do you think that past financial difficulties like bankruptcy, divorce or student loans are going to get in the way of buying a home or investment property?

Have you always wanted to become a home buyer or investor but thought it was impossible because you were too young, not experienced enough or did not have good enough standing with the bank?

Are you tired of working for your hard-earned money only to throw it away on rent which is making another property owner (possibly very) wealthy?
Does This Sound Familiar?
So many people don’t believe they’re in the right place to start investing in real estate. 

Instead, they work long hours just to be able to cover the rent, all while contributing towards making the owner wealthier as the days go on.

And at the end of their lease, they’re often too scared to calculate how much in rent they’ve actually been paying.
This Is Why It’s So Important To Focus On Educating Yourself When It Comes To Investing In Real Estate
Because the more educated you are about real estate investment, the less you can get taken for a ride by estate agents and/or banking facilities.

So you can go from being the sucker paying off someone else’s mortgage and investment to the person reliably investing in their OWN real estate portfolio.

Still reading? Great!

Maybe you’re asking how this is even possible…

Or how you can do this based on your current or previous financial situation…

Regardless of your past credit history, you can buy real estate without the bank!
BANK BUSTERS: “The 3 1/2 Easy Steps To Buying Real Estate Without A Bank!”
An online training walking you through and giving you the exact path on investing in real estate without a bank.

We take you through the 3 1/2 easy steps to doing that:
  • Locate
  • Negotiate
  • ​Contract
  • ​Keys
So How Does The Bank Busters Program Work?
The online program was designed to help you overcome feeling overwhelmed by the process of real estate ownership. 

Inside you get access to group mentoring or one-on-one sessions to guide you on how to move through each of the 3 1/2 easy steps plus you are invited into a community of success-minded people.

The Bank Busters program is there to help you create wealth so that you have more time to concentrate on the things that mean the most to you… well as give you the means to do what you want with the wealth you can create.
Here’s exactly what you’re getting:
  • The Bank Busters Online Course
  • ​Bank Busters eBook and Audio Package 
  • ​Lead by Bank Busters Founder Mark Canfora, a 25-year Veteran in the Real Estate Industry! 
  • ​Bank Busters Live Seminars 
  • ​Bank Busters Group Coaching 
If all this program did was get you your first home or investment property, would it be worth it?
Or if all this program did was show you a repeatable way that you can buy real estate without a bank that could help you achieve your real estate goals, would it be worth it?

Get started today and get access to all this content to fast track your real estate dreams! 

Choose between two payment plans.
Plan A
One time payment of $997
Save $195
Plan B
3-monthly installments of $397

Take A Look At Some Of The Results 
Bank Busters Was Able To Help Provide:
"Bank Busters made it possible for me to buy 2 investment properties in 3 days. Both with creative financing & both are paid off in full after 1 year!"
- Pat C.
"We have the utmost faith in Bank Busters knowledge of the real estate market and it paid off for us. When the bank said no, Bank Busters said yes!!!" 
- Joe F.
“I signed the contract and had the keys to this beautiful home the same day. Thank you Bank Busters.” 
- Russ C.
"I was living in a trailer before I found the Bank Busters program. Thanks to their easy methods I was able to move in to my first home."
- Trae R.
With the Bank Busters proven methods you are provided support all along the way.
“You and Bank Busters are the right combination to your real estate success!” 
Right now, you have 2 choices. 

Either you stay where you are and do nothing… 

Or you take action and start your journey to financial freedom.
Who this program is for:
  • ​People who are prepared to follow the 3 1/2 steps to achieve success;
  • ​Self Employed
  • ​Recently Divorced
  • ​Recent Bankruptcy
  • ​Bad or No Credit or Credit Under Repair
  • ​Student Loan Debt
  • ​Real Estate Investors
  • ​Renters and Those Tired of Making Landlord Rich
  • ​People Who Are Ready to Experience Financial Freedom and Success
Do you have any questions? 

We have the Answers...
Do I need to have experience in real estate
Not necessarily. But you do have to be willing to learn from the materials provided and seek help along the way. You can access help in our online group training or the Bank Buster’s one-on-one Mentoring Program.
Can I re-access the content as many times as I need to?
Yes you can!
Is there a time limit on taking the training?
No! Take as long as you need.
Do I get support if I get stuck along the way?
You can access help in our online group training or the Bank Buster’s one-on-one Mentoring Program.
Do I need to be good with numbers to do this?
No. Just the ability to listen, learn and take action.
Do I need real estate investment knowledge?
No. We are here to teach you our Bank Busters methods.
Take a look at what other members have said
Get Ready!!! It’s Time!!!
No More Excuses!!! Now You Know!!! You Too Can Own Real Estate Without A Bank! 

And Besides...Who Invited Banks To The Party Anyhow? 
We Didn’t, Did You? 
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